How To Make A Fly Trap

The weather is finally perfect for those long evening barbeques, as the sun sets later in the day and our garden crops are giving out some of their juiciest fruits. We all know what that heralds: flies! Those little scourges to our peaceful afternoons outdoors. Learn how to make two different fly traps and the best fly bait right here with EduCritter.

How To Get Into Vet School 2023

You want to be a practitioner of veterinary medicine, eh? Cool, me too. Here's how I got into veterinary school, some resources to help you on your journey, and some mistakes I made along my own.

Why is This Ingredient in My Animal’s Food?

Just knowing what an ingredient does is pretty useful. It helps you see how something is balanced, and can also help you see price hikes coming far in advance. Plus, nutrition is just neat in general, and I personally would like to share more of it with you.

Is Corn Bad?

Corn is often misunderstood as a feed ingredient. It seems that everywhere you look, corn is either at the top of the ingredients list or it's labeled as a "filler ingredient" and removed entirely. As a result, public opinion of corn also tends to lean to one extreme or the other, and there's a lot of uncertainty and miscommunication about what corn is and how it can best be used. Today, let's take a deeper look at corn and find out just why everyone wants to argue about it.

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